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Demo image! Football template ultiPes Template is dedicated to the famous sports simulation pro evolution soccer. Template design is made in dark blue tones and consists of three parts. Is to provide a login form, which is made perfectly and is located in the upper part of the site
Demo image! Naruto-4life Template is made ​​in light colors, has two containers, cool hat, as well as beautifully made ​​widgets in blocks.
Demo image! Something Fishy Interesting original template for uCoz, suitable for personal blog. The whole site is an underwater world and all its inhabitants. Footer site - this is , of course , the bottom , on which lie starfish, crabs crawl and grow corals . Fish too much, even one located right next to the name of your site.
Demo image! Film HD A beautiful template for websites with online movies.
Demo image! Blue user personal page A beautiful personal page for ucoz.
Demo image! Kinodivian
Cinema template for uCoz, KinoDivan. Template made ​​in bright colors, filled with at least master page template theme - movies. The module used for movies is File Catalog. But you can se template and for other modules. Video modul for example. Isn't that hard. The archive has everything to install the template.
Demo image! Divxonline This template is great for Online Movies websites.
Demo image! Disable right click on a page Add to the top of you page and make the page not able to be right clicked.
Demo image! Excellent Green Profile Have the title appear near the group and have more amazing features!

Visit Gaming Input and if you find something interesting tell me and I will upload the script!
Demo image! Instant Google finder on your site This script will be creating a text field, and a button. When the button is clicked, the search query from the text field will be appare in a new tab.
Demo image! Windows 8 style social menu A beautiful social menu in the right part of your site!
Demo image! Fir tree branches and Christmas Tree Customize your website for winter holidays ! Some scripts that will make the site look more beautiful.
Demo image! Winter ornaments Make your site more attractive for the winter holidays. This script is flash. Globes move and make sounds if you touch with the arrow.
Demo image! Winter decoration Make your site more attractive for the winter holidays.