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uCoz Scripts - Page Selector
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10 types of Page Selector for uCoz

2013-07-02, 21:42:08 2713 1
To your attention provided 10 unique switches pages for ucoz. The only difference between them is, of course,  the color. These switches don't use any pictures, they are completely based on CSS. Installing simple as possible, you just need to copy the CSS code liked the switch and plug it into your style sheet.

Page selector for File Catalog for uCoz

2013-07-02, 21:26:54 1632 0
Excellent replacement for standard switch pages for ucoz. The script is on css3 and jQuery to a directory of files. The main feature of this switch pages in addition to beautiful styling, is the ability to deploy a full list of the pages and return to the compact form in one click.

Green page selector for uCoz

2013-07-02, 15:11:39 1337 0

Beautiful switches in a gray-green tones, perfectly suited as well for light and dark designs.