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Services that we are offering: 

  • Adaptation of a template from another CMS to uCoz

          What means that? 

That means if you have a template that can be use only for Datalife Engine, Joomla Wordpress or another CMS, we can make it to work on uCoz. 
Also, if you have the template in HTML & CSS format, we can adapt it to uCoz. 


  • Modification to your current template

What means that? 

If you have something you want to change at your current template, we can do it. 


  •   Payment methods : 
    • ​PayPal;


The price varies depending to the template difficulty and the site that you want. In other words, prices are negotiable.

If you want to talk about this, you can contact me via email at address or via a private message wich you can send me here : cioLAN
You can even contact me via Yahoo Messenger at Y!M : ciorhanflorin or Skype : ciorhanflorin